• Day 1825

    March 2014: Country girls Alice and Willow enjoying a morning on the Monaro.

  • Day 1796

    March 2013: Alice as a youngster ready to take on the world, with Milo peaking out from behind her. (photo by Shannon Mortlock)

  • Day 1711

    October 2013: The Class of 2014 – well, most of them: Scully, Alice, Ted, Roland, Chesley, and Captain (the magpie who thinks he’s a kangaroo). Out of picture are Koby and Willow who were dining in the shed. All will be released in the new year when Willow, the smallest in the mob, is big enough.

  • Day 1670

    December 2012: Alice introducing herself to a much more timid Koby when he first came to the pre-release enclosure.