• Day 1871

    September 2013: Winding up with a light-hearted moment from sixteen months ago, albeit it on a solemn occasion – Dolly having a good chest scratch before a fallen gum tree. Well, after six years and 1,871 unique posts, this will be the last post in the Kanga-a-Day series. It was originally set up following the Black Saturday Bushfires …

  • Day 1862

    June 2014: A misty morning Dolly, feigning nonchalance.

  • Day 1846

    November 2013: Dolly cruising down the ‘runway’. This photo is actually sequential to Day 1755 (recorded within the same second) but has been sitting in the archives since then along with hundreds of other k-a-day potentials.

  • Day 1840

    October 2013: Feeding beside Pino’s grave, River looks somewhat apologetic on behalf of her friend, Dolly, who is in a bossy kick-butting (aka. butt-kicking) mood.