• Day 1608

    January 2013: Wise young Jake, by popular demand (pre-release).

  • Day 1583

    February 2013: Pre-release Jake, looking a little bit perplexed about something – getting his creche mate Bella’s attention perhaps?

  • Day 1582

    January 2012: Acting on a tip from one of the cheeky lads outside the enclosure and hoping to impress his girlfriend (Bella), Jake licks his biceps believing that they would get bigger.

  • Day 1444

    January 2013: Jake¬†joined us here in December 2011, and was the K-a-Day Australia Day ambassador in 2012 (Day 1076). So it is somewhat fitting that he be released on the Australia Day long weekend this year. Jake will be released this morning, along with his creche mate Bella, and friends – Milo, Bumble Bee and …