• Day 1861

    November 2014: As recent posts will attest, no-one could accuse Jingles’ gentle daughter, Jelly, of being camera shy.

  • Day 1847

    August 2014: Gentle Jelly, carrying her first joey and Jingles’ grandchild. After all this time, Jelly still stays close to Jingles (not in this shot), as does her sister, Belle. Standing beside her here though is young Scully.

  • Day 1777

    November 2012: Jelly following in her mother Jingles‘ hop steps last year. One year on and she’s still always by her side, along with her little brother. Or was it sister?

  • Day 1723

    October 2013: Jelly giving me a “what are you looking at?” look, her mother Jingles in the background.