• Day 1842

    July 2014: Coping with the cold – Ted (foreground) released in 2014, shares common ground with the mob founded by Jingles (background) and friends when she was released in 2009.

  • Day 1777

    November 2012: Jelly following in her mother Jingles‘ hop steps last year. One year on and she’s still always by her side, along with her little brother. Or was it sister?

  • Day 1723

    October 2013: Jelly giving me a “what are you looking at?” look, her mother Jingles in the background.

  • Day 1696

    August 2013: Thirteen months since Jelly first stuck her head out of her mother’s pouch, and even with another joey on the way, Jingles is still feeding her.