• Day 1864

    December 2014: Lily’s latest lithesome lass or laddie¬†looking a little listless – but it was a very hot day.

  • Day 1858

    October 2014: A happy young mother in a field of green – am not sure who she is but fairly sure she’s not one of the wild mothers, or she wouldn’t be smiling at me! It does look like Lily in the background though.

  • Day 1807

    October 2013: Green to go with yesterday’s gold – although there’s not much around here at the moment – Dolly and Lily (with Lilith in tow), in another of their Monet-esque feeding moments from last Spring.

  • Day 1797

    December 2013: Lily and Lilith again, relaxing in the morning sun. One month later the lack of rain has since sucked all of the green out of the grass