• Day 1597

    June 2013: I wasn’t the only one up on top of the mountain last Thursday to watch the sunrise – Nikki had taken her daughter Bianca up there ahead of me, and came over to say hi. 🙂

  • Day 1587

    June 2013 & June 2009: Nikki now and then (3 months post-release) – always with the slightly startled look in her eyes, but never far from home.

  • Day 1527

    January 2013: Nikki and her daughter Bianca. Like the other kangas released back in 2009, Nikki is very independent now and only visits sporadically. She would be over 5 years old now.

  • Day 1469

    January 2013: Nikki and Bianca bring life to an otherwise very dry and all-but lifeless field, at the height of the recent drought.