• Day 1740

    November 2014: When Paris first came into care in early 2008, she weighed just 1.4 kilos and was bleeding from her nose, eyes and mouth after her mother had been hit by a car on the Barton Highway. The vet who inspected her wounds assumed she had brain damage and wasn’t going to make it. …

  • Day 1727

    November 2013: Paris out in the field after sunset last night with her little boy, Bliss – her fourth straight son!

  • Day 1639

    August 2013: Paris‘s newly emergent and as yet unnamed fourth joey, wondering how long he/she is going be hanging like a gondola from her mother airship.

  • Day 1388

    December 2012: Against the odds, hope for lost boys: after being separated for almost two weeks I was thrilled to see Babaero reunited with his mother, Paris, yesterday afternoon.