• Day 1872

    October 2015: On a recent visit to the sanctuary our old friend River came over to say “hi!” :-)

  • Day 1871

    September 2013: Winding up with a light-hearted moment from sixteen months ago, albeit it on a solemn occasion – Dolly having a good chest scratch before a fallen gum tree. Well, after six years and 1,871 unique posts, this will be the last post in the Kanga-a-Day series. It was originally set up following the Black Saturday Bushfires …

  • Day 1870

    January 2015: Pearl came up to say hi to me last week and to show off her accessorising skills… before kicking my butt for not visiting more often!

  • Day 1869

    September 2013: In memory of an unforgettable girl on the Australia Day long weekend – Acacia in a photo from the Spring before last <3