• Day 1868

    September 2014: Ted and Koby last Spring, doing there boy ‘thang’.

  • Day 1867

    January 2015 – Some of the lucky kangas that frequent Linda and Graham’s blessed gardens on the Sunshine Coast. (photos by Linda Hill)

  • Day 1866

    January 2014: Milo, a.k.a Spring to his friends – last year’s poster boy. :-) This post is dedicated to Shannon in humble gratitude, who not only raised Milo but has taken care of the sanctuary and kept an eye on the kangas on my behalf for the past 10 months since I moved back to …

  • Day 1865

    December 2014: A rather robust Red-Necked Wallaby boy under the shade of an old gum tree. I think he’s been going to the gym too – check out those arms!